Geotextile underpad

Tapis géotextile
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Cut according to standard pool sizes of the industry.


Under pad protecting the pool liner against base imperfections for on ground swimming pool.


Made of needle punch fibre not woven, according to the best standards of the industry, having a strong puncture resistance.

Fabrication method

Sewn assembly so that the sewing disappears during the installation. Under pads are cut according to the standard sizes of on ground swimming pool, round or oval.


  • Insure a protection between the pool liner and the rough base.
  • Promotes a longer pool liner life.
  • Eliminate worms and ants trails.
  • Light weight and easy to install.


  • Protect the pool liner from small rocks puncture.
  • Less repairs and maintenance.
  • Insure a comfortable and long-lasting bottom.
  • Require a small storing space. Shipped in a plastic bag with UPC code.
  • Save pool installation time and material, no sand, dust gravel rock only.